Google's Chrome to Include Ad Blocker?

Google made me do a doubletake when I saw a headline saying they were going to incorporate an ad blocker in Chrome next year. Wha-wha-what???!!! They’re kidding! Right? One of the computer world’s premier browsers is going to incorporate its own ad blocker?

Navegador crome

You betchya! And good on them! I’m hoping they go directly after the sites that permit pop-ups, pop-overs and pop-whatevers, but it probably won’t reach as far as I would like to see it go. I hate to go to a site that is loaded with bad script, auto-start videos ( and other video related sites excused), and when they start with the pop-over stuff – I’m looking for the nearest exit.

If sites that allow that kind of advertising get me foaming at the mouth, growling and snarling I’m certain there’s a lot of other people who feel the same way. In a web designer’s capacity, I don’t engage in that that type of web development and I don’t encourage customers to do so either. There are sites notorious for the auto-play ads and/or stretching a story that could be told in a few short paragraphs into 20 awful pages of ads and a little bit of content. Blah!

But I digress while frothing. Google’s intent is to tone down considerably on the intrusiveness and still permit ads on the Chrome browser. It’s a great idea. There will be much clamoring by advertisers that will be affected. The challenge for those outfits is to not be so sleazy. eh?

Google plans to clean up the web with Chrome ad blocker next year