Battle of Best Smartphone Apps - Android v iPhone - Where Less Is Best

This will likely spark a debate or two. Which smartphone is all around best? How about apps? Which brand has the best apps? Apple's iPhone? Any of the many Android versions? Having been an owner and serious user of both I choose...

Android Users Download More Apps - Spend Less

A recently published CNET article discussed something I’ve known for years … Android users have more apps on their phones and they don’t spend as much money as iPhone owners do.

Which phones are better? Droids or iPhones? No, no, no, no. That is a topic I shan’t stumble into. I will say that iPhone owners tend to be an eclectic crowd who are content wandering through the iStore and paying more for apps than Android users pay for similar apps on their phones.

Does that mean I’ve lost my eclecticity? No! It means I’m quite content living in the Android world and paying much less for my favorite apps these days without needing to desperately cling to my wallet while wandering through the iStore. (is there such a word as eclecticity? my spellchecker sez nop)

Speaking of pop-ups and the like (expect to see much ranting about that), I was reading this interesting article on CNET when all of a sudden, a pop-up window featuring one of their fresh news stories just about made me jump out of my chair. You see, autoplay pop-ups can really be more than just intrusive. They can be frightening!

US Android users download more apps but spend less, report says