Samsung Note8 and iPhone 8 Releases Coming Soon - Happy 10th Anniversary iPhone

Fans clamoring for a brand-new Samsung Galaxy Note which doesn’t explode, start a fire, or is banned from all flights and other forms of public transportation -- will soon be getting their wish. Recent leaks report the Note8 which will hit the market during the latter half of September and carry the largest base price tag along with it at just over $900.

Samsung galaxy note 4 black

Why so much? It’s a fair question that needs to be asked before shelling out the money. It’s nearly $200 higher than earlier releases of the Galaxy Note. But the iPhone is probably going to make you reach for $1,000 when it is unleashed on the public later in the fall. Will Apple and Samsung find their respective audiences eager to shell out that much cash for these new makeovers?

I can’t see any reason why customers would run away from either the Note8 or the iPhone 8. Samsung’s screen is nearly a half inch larger than Apple – 6.2" vs 5.8". Personally, I wouldn’t mind an 8 or 10” phablet offered by Samsung, but it doesn’t look like I’m going to have that wish granted in the near future.

The thing that’s going to be *the* main attraction for the Note8 is its dual main camera. What does that mean for those of us who take a lot of pictures on our cell phones? I can’t wait to see. That alone has my curiosity meter – pegged.

It’ll also have more operating RAM – 6GB vs the standard 4GB included on many handsets. The battery shouldn’t be an issue because Samsung has chosen to play it safe this time with a battery that has a proven track record. Smart to be conservative when the integrity of the entire brand is at stake.

The stylus is also said to be seriously enhanced too on the Note8. I don’t make a stylus a consideration for satisfying my personal cell phone needs. Now if it could read my thoughts and they (my thoughts) would magically jump from the pen into the display screen I’d be impressed.

If you’re picky about the color … you’ll be offered black, blue and gold. That is another matter which doesn’t matter too much to me because my cell phones go straight from the retail box into the Otter Box Defender to keep ‘em looking new until I’m done with them.

I can hear the oooooh’s and ahhhhhh’s coming from the iPhone crowd about the dramatic changes in their screens. The iPhone 8 will have a sharp looking OLED screen and thus will retire the LCD from the iPhone line. What took them so long to come to that party? Technical difficulties. In fact, the new screens could delay the eventual release of the iPhone 8.

This rendition will lose the comfort of the Home button for newer features. Will the Apple crowd be able to accept that change? There may be some groaning, but I suspect they’ll be just fine with it after some adjusting.

The iPhone’s CPU, the A11, is going to be faster. Faster is always good in cell phone performance. Apple devotees are not likely to be disappointed with all the new features slated to be included in this fall’s release of the iPhone 8.

And now a trip into the wayback machine for a journey into the past –- 10 years on the dial -- 2007. Remember the first iPhone? I didn’t buy one as soon as they hit the street but I didn’t wait very long to do so. I don't do long lines. That iPhone was a phone that truly revolutionized what our cell phones have become. They were the *future now*, then. (huh???)

Seriously, what was hard to understand about that outstanding graphical user interface? Yah, that screen alone helped many average users that gooey could also be spelled GUI and be something nice and not icky.

2007 … the year that brought us the iPhone. What were some of the funniest comments you heard about how the phone operated? I looked at it and thought, “Hmmm, no flip screen. Hey! Where are the keys? What am I supposed to do with this?”

It was a phone that forever changed the cell phone environment as we knew it. Nice easy screens to read, one-push icons that offered a world of apps beyond our wildest imaginations … and the internet made sense on these devices.

Happy Anniversary iPhone! Thanks for changing the world the way you have. I doubt I’d be the proud, happy and content owner of this here Android phone had you not led the way. But that is a topic for another day….

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