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Samsung Note8 and iPhone 8 Releases Coming Soon - Happy 10th Anniversary iPhone

Fans clamoring for a brand-new Samsung Galaxy Note which doesn’t explode, start a fire, or is banned from all flights and other forms of public transportation -- will soon be getting their wish. Recent leaks report the Note8 which will hit the market during the latter half of September and carry the largest base price tag along with it at just over $900.

Samsung galaxy note 4 black

Why so much? It’s a fair question that needs to be asked before shelling out the money. It’s nearly $200 higher than earlier releases of the Galaxy Note. But the iPhone is probably going to make you reach for $1,000 Read more

Battle of Best Smartphone Apps - Android v iPhone - Where Less Is Best

This will likely spark a debate or two. Which smartphone is all around best? How about apps? Which brand has the best apps? Apple's iPhone? Any of the many Android versions? Having been an owner and serious user of both I choose...

Android Users Download More Apps - Spend Less

Read more