Some apps on your iPhone are probably watching you

If you've ever looked at that camera facing you on your smartphones and wondered whether or not someone might be watching you ... well, if you're an iPhone owner it's likely that it's actually happened. I have pondered whether or not it happens on my android (Samsung) and I would suggest androids are not immune from inappropriate snooping either.

watching you

Apple has lowered the proverbial boom and told app developers to remove those features and get the updated versions uploaded to the iTunes store on an immediate basis. I don't expect Google's Play Store to follow suit.

From my perspective the best thing you can do to protect your privacy on any of your camera's (webcams, tablets, and smartphones) is to cover them. Assume somebody out in the wild is using features built into any app(s) and may be using them for nefarious purposes including taking pictures, videos, or recording you. Exploits don't exist until somebody creates new ways to go places they don't belong...

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