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Archive for February 2019

Envisioning the next technology boom

A couple of days ago a tweet titled AR Will Spark the Next Big Tech Platform (article linked below) caught my eyes. I'm always interested in learning about whatever is next and I had no idea what *AR* (augmented reality) was. Or so I thought.

Airbus Virtual Reality Experience (Oculus)

I'm more familiar with AR under a different name -- virtual reality (VR). Doesn't matter what slick, faddish names it's called (my designation for this augmented/virtual future == AVR) Read more

Electric Vehicles & Self-Driving Cars will change our world forever

Odds are likely that if you aren't shopping for a new vehicle now that you probably will be within the next three to five years. The choices used to be easier than they are now and recent headlines are complicating our buying decision by giving us more to desire. Make that crave, especially in the electric vehicles (EV) and self-driving arenas. I am already craving some of the current technology rolling out of car factories across the world and the future is so bright, I'm already wearing the shades.

Hyundai Electric Vehicle

Recent news releases by both Hyundai and Kia are likely to muddy the minds of those considering an EV. They're floating serious teasers Read more

Some apps on your iPhone are probably watching you

If you've ever looked at that camera facing you on your smartphones and wondered whether or not someone might be watching you ... well, if you're an iPhone owner it's likely that it's actually happened. I have pondered whether or not it happens on my android (Samsung) and I would suggest androids are not immune from inappropriate snooping either.

watching you

Apple has lowered the proverbial boom and told app developers to remove those features and get the updated versions Read more