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Tag: technology

Ransomware Costs Victim One Million Dollars

A story that’s going to get a lot of ink and airtime in one form of media or another is the news that a South Korea web host – Nayana – paid out one million dollars to a hacker … or a group of ‘em – who effectively shut down their entire operation.

Ransomware Could Be Expensive

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DNC Hunting for New CTO

The Democrats are looking for a chief technology officer. Yah, if you’re a highly-qualified IT type who is certified about 12 ways to sunset with different security credentials and have a firm grip on what’s loose and running wild on our supposedly friendly internet … you could be up to the task and should get in contact with the folks at the Democratic National Committee. No! This isn’t a steeeeeeking commercial. It’s news! Serious news! :::and an evil grin slowly creeps across my face:::

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